Extraterrestrial Crop Circle Warning

We Are Under Attack!

'We are under attack' sounds rather dramatic but the damage caused by the continuous bombardment passes almost unnoticed by us as we go about our daily business

I'm referring to the psychological pressure we're exposed to from the media and society. We're told to:

  • obey the Laws imposed on us
  • conform to the latest fashion
  • pay taxes to the Government
  • use a bank credit card
  • watch and believe the TV news
  • be entertained and amused
  • buy the latest product
  • support a political party

... and much more

Our problem is that mind-control is so subtle that we may not even notice what's happening to us. We're like the frog that's unaware of the gradually increasing water temperature that eventually boils and kills it

Fight Back

Life doesn't have to be like this. We can ignore the ads and switch off the TV propaganda with its sex and violence. We don't have to be exposed to gratuitous violence and materialism

The core to our personal mind-control defense is the realization that corporate mind-control is real! So why not switch the TV off and spend time helping other humans rather than watching the brain-dead violence, sex, and war fantasy?

Fight Back

A comparison for mind-control is our sugar addiction. When we seriously decrease our sugar intake in all its hidden forms we suddenly discover how everything we normally eat is so horribly sweet and salty! Mind control is like the sugar that we don't notice until we focus our attention on it

Analyse The Fruit

If you need help to filter the useful thoughts and truth from all the mind-control and disinformation stuff remember what Jesus taught us. You will know a tree from its fruit. A good tree produces good fruit

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