Cosmic Paradigm & Denial

Thought Control

Power politics and short term goals are taking the world towards a very uncertain future and it's happening to a large degree because of culturally acquired paradigms influenced by 'education' and various propaganda

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Cosmic Paradigm

A restrictive paradigm can stop us seeing what's in plain sight. The possibilities of chi and cosmic forces

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Archaeology uncovers the growth and decline of advanced ancient civilizations

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Yeshua Paradigm

A wider paradigm freed from all the controlling limitations imposed on us by others can change our perception of everything

Mose's burning bush, Yeshua creating the food for 5,000 people, the transfiguration, and other seemingly magical events may be quite normal phenomena that our present 4 dimensional paradigm prevents us from understanding

Skeptic's Opinion

In Shakespeare's play Hamlet said of dead Polonius, "... if you want him go sniff in the stairwell." Some people decided to sniff the Government view of the 9/11 incident. What they discovered is shocking!

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Code of Silence

Here's an interesting quote, "... There's a culture of impunity and intimidation that has hampered investigations ..." The subject in this case is an investigation into the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing incident

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