Spiritual Purpose Life Goal

Spiritual Life Goal

Money is certainly useful for acquiring gadgets and things to make our life easier and more pleasant but for many having some money is the least of their problems. For those of us who are more fortunate 'chasing the money' creates a few problems too, especially if money is the focal point of life

Money Affects Us

Chasing the money can alter our personality. We may develop a competitive life perspective and later when we have plenty in the bank the risk is that we'll become proud of our achievements and egoistic. In addition to becoming smug we may also find ourselves using other people to achieve more for ourselves. That's a hidden cost of money addiction. It can damage our personality

With plenty of money in our pocket we may get a decent mausoleum for our body when we pass on, but both egoism and monetary wealth are useless in the ethereal regions. We may even discover that the memory of our egoism and money addiction are an embarrassment in the ethereal world when we enter it

Alternative Philosophy

An alternative philosophy for this life is one that's focused on love. When we practise love we learn to accept people and don't try to alter them or treat them as a resource to be exploited. The regular practise of love during this Earthly life also means that we can pass over to the next life with an easy conscience

... Bob Sanders Explains

If you are interested in learning more about the purpose of your life you may find Bob Sanders helpful. He has a series of video clips that are 'down to earth' and easy to follow

Bob mentions the importance of meditation which you may not be familiar with. It may help if you think in terms of two forms of communication within the ethereal region;

1) Prayer: this is when we give thanks to God or our gardian spirits for benefits received, and it's when we may ask for help and guidance.

2) Meditation: which is when we build our aura by listening and receiving spiritual energy

It's not easy to meditate. We need to get absolute mental silence which is why dedication and practice is needed

... Ishwar Puri Explains

Bob Sanders is very helpful but Ishwar Puri is also knowledgeable and helpful. He shares meditation information with us on a number of video clips

... Alaje's Plejaren Message

A third person you may like to learn from is Alaje. Alaje has a series of videos that were made at various group meditation sessions. His message of love is a different form of presentation from Bob's and Ishwar's. It's rather indirect but you will probably learn several new ideas from him. Alaje's videos also have the benefit of taking us to places that are normally reserved for international travelers

Alaje, Bob, and Ishwar Puri appear as sincere and loving people who show no obvious egoism. They have their own mannerisms of course, so a little patience may be required to fully understand their very helpful 'purpose of life' message

If you are interested in learning more about the spiritual purpose of our life on Earth there are two further links in the footer that you may find helpful

Listen to Bob and Ishwar to learn more about the benefits of meditating ... and much more

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