Spiritual Purpose Life Goal

We're Here, But Why?

We come into this world but we have really no idea where we came from or where we're going! There are indications that we are not alone in the cosmos and some people accept the idea that they have had extraterrestrial contact either directly or through meditation. Others, perhaps many others, seem to accept the idea that we're evolved from apes and the purpose of life is to do as we're told and accumulate money

It seems more rational to believe the 'evolved ape' idea is an unfounded myth and the 'money goal', service to Mammon, is a control device that keeps us busy making wealth for a corporate elite

Money Effect

A downside to chasing money is that the chase enslaves us and it affects the way we think and behave. It may even cause us to develop a competitive life perspective which you may have already noticed in some people

Alternative Philosophy

An alternative to the myths is a life philosophy that is focused on love. When motivated by love we are more likely to accept people as they are without trying to alter them or treat them as a resource to be exploited. We're also more likely to appreciate our natural environment and work to preserve it rather than exploit Earth resources for personal advantage

... Bob Sanders Explains

If you are interested in learning more about love and the purpose of life you may find Bob Sanders helpful. He has a series of video clips that are 'down to earth' and easy to follow

Bob mentions the importance of building our aura by prayer and meditation, but it's not easy to meditate effectively. We have to stop our mind from processing memories and thoughts. That's why some people use mantras and chants to help them during meditation, but such props are not really necessary

... Ishwar Puri Explains

Ishwar Puri is also helpful. He shares Eastern meditation information with us on a number of video clips

... Alaje's Plejaren Message

A third person you may like to learn from is Alaje. He is a wee bit out at the 'fringe' but has a series of interesting videos that were made at various group meditation sessions. Alaje assumes that you already know how to meditate so his message is different from Bob's and Ishwar's. Some of Alaje's videos were made at interesting locations that are normally reserved for international travelers so they are worth a look for that reason at least

Alaje, Bob, and Ishwar Puri all appear as sincere and loving people who show no obvious egoism. They have their own mannerisms of course, so a little patience may be required to fully understand their very helpful 'purpose of life' message

If you are interested in learning more about the spiritual purpose of our life on Earth there are two further links in the footer that you may find helpful

Nibbling at Truth

There is human evolution, but to say that it's linear or that we are more advanced today than our ancestors is an assumption because there are indications that advanced civilizations existed on Earth in our past. The Giza Pyramid is an example. Rather than being a burial structure it's far more likely that it was a natural energy system, or portal

As for the money motivation, simply ask yourself who benefits the most if we all decide to chase money. Clearly it's the multinationals, wealthy individuals, and the banking barons. For ordinary people who depend on a regular sustainable income there's a high risk

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